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We offers a wide range of plywood & blockboard to lay a promising foundation for a perfect home. From moisture-resistant plywood to fire-retardant ones, GrandRoyals has it all. Made using top-notch technology, GrandRoyals plywood gives maximum precision, the smoothest finish, and high tensile strength to your furniture. Additionally, all GrandRoyals products making them the safest & best plywood for every kind of interior space.


India’s largest interior infrastructure company, we at GrandRoyals are equipped to offer the best structural products such as plywood, blockboard, flush doors, etc. With innovation and technology at our core, we are always creating products that are made to fit the evolving needs of customers. By choosing our products, you get the promise of both quality and longevity.


Plywood is apparently the most versatile and durable structure material available, and an essential commodity in both interior applications and exterior…

Water Proof Plywood

Waterproof plywood, use in ship building and other marine applications, is waterproof, making it ideal for areas exposed to moisture, both inside and outside…

Block Boards

Block boards, containing a center of segments of hardwood inside a hardwood outline sandwiched between at least two layers of facade on one or the other side…

Flush Doors

Doors are not only essential for protection and security, yet structure necessary pieces of the construction and plan of a space. Doors should be solid, impervious…

Royal feel is our motto!

Our Quality


Manufactured by India’s best machineries in supervision of wood specialists.


Maintains greatest norms by just utilizing the best accessible raw materials that are prepared in house.


The Resins are created in a cutting edge Resin Plant supervised by a group of senior chemists.


Products are treated with special “Hot and cold Diffusing Technology” to make protected against termite and borer.


100% selected, treated and prepared wood is utilized in the assembling of Block Boards.


Microprocessor controlled programmed wide belt Sanding Machine guarantees wonderful thickness and gives extreme perfection to the items.

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With natural plywood.


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